How to Use PNG Mockup Images in Canva

White card displayed form a diagonal angle

In this blog post I show you how to use the PNG product mockups from MonkeyMockups.
They are available for purchase in our Etsy Mockup Store. 


For my first blog post I’m very excited to show you exactly how to use Canva to make a product mockup image! 
These graphics are a perfect marketing tool to showcase your products and crafts. 

First, let’s open Canva.

  • Click on ‘Create a design’ and choose “Custom dimensions“.
  • Enter the size of your purchased mockup (MonkeyMockups mainly uses 3000 x 2400 pixels).
  • Then, go to ‘Elements‘ and place a grid in your canvas.
  • Go to “Uploads” and upload your purchased mockup in PNG format.
  • Drag your uploaded mockup to the canvas. Lock this layer.
  • Upload your art work as a JPG or PNG file to Canva (Canva doesn’t support PDF files).
  • Drag your art work to your canvas and place it behind the background. Make it fit.

You’re done!

More of a visual learner?

I actually have a video tutorial that walks you through this process. You can watch it below.

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